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Sunday, January 17, 2010

SHAJRA(Golden Chain) and KHULFA of Hz.Raipuri (شجرہ اور خلفاء)

SHAJRA(Golden Chain) شجرہ
Qadria Mujadadia Raheemia  قادریہ مجددیہ رحیمیہ

Golden chains related to KHANQAH RAIPUR


List of KHULFA of Hz.Raipuri

(1) Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Zakria Kandhalvi قدس سرہ
Graveyard "Jannat ul Baqi" Madina Munawra Saudia

(2) Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Anwari قدس سرہ
Main Graveyard,Ghulam Muhammad Abad,Faisalabad,Punjab,Pakistan

(3) Hazrat Maulana Anees-ur-Rahman Ludhiyanvi قدس سرہ
Jamia Millia Islamia,Jaranwala road,Faisalabad,Punjab,Pakistan

(4) Hazrat Maulana Qari Muhammad Ishaaq قدس سرہ
Main Graveyard Susaan,canal road,W block,Madina Town,Faisalabad,Punjab,Pakistan

(5) Hazrat Dr.Maulana Sahibzada Muhammad Husain Lillahi قدس سرہ
Graveyard Ward #15,GT road,Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi,Punjab,Pakistan

(6) Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Abdullah قدس سرہ
(7) Hazrat Maulana Abdul Aziz Melseyanvi قدس سرہ
Graveyard Peer Bukhari,GT road,Sahiwal,Punjab,Pakistan

(8) Hazrat Alhaaj Master Mian Mazoor Muhammad قدس سرہ
Graveyard Gojra bypass,Gojra,50 Km Faisalabad, Punjab,Pakistan

(9)Hazrat Baba Jee Hafiz Haider Ali Dervesh-e-Raipuri قدس سرہ
Madrisa Hifzul Quran Qadria,165/GB,Dialpur,via Sityana, 35Km Faisalabad,Punjab,Pakistan

(10) Hazrat Qazi Abdul Qadir قدس سرہ
Graveyard Jhawarian, Shahpur Bhera road, Sargodha, Pakistan

(11) Hazrat Maulana Khalil Ahmed Qadri Raipuri قدس سرہ
Graveyard Duhddiyan village

(12) Hazrat Maulana Abdul Waheed Qadri Raipuri قدس سرہ
(13) Hazrat Maulana Abdul Jaleel Qadri Raipuri قدس سرہ

(June 2010 A.D)

(14) Hazrat syed Anwar Husain Nafees ul Husaini shah قدس سرہ

(Back ground) Khanqah syed Ahmad Shaheed ,Sagian Ravi bridge, Lahore ,Pakistan

(15) Hazrat Mian Jameel Ahmad Dehelvi قدس سرہ
 (Back ground construction) Tableeghi Markaz, Raiwand, Lahore, Pakistan

(16) Hazrat Khawja Khan Muhammad Naqashbandi قدس سرہ

Khanqah Naqshbandia Sirajia, Kundian, Mianwali, Pakistan

(17) Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Akram Lillahi قدس سرہ
Khanqah Chishtia Nizamia, 5km Lillah motorway interchange, Pakistan 
Grave(right) in family graveyard infront of Khanqah and Mosque

(18) Hazrat Maulana Ghulam Muhammad Mazahari قدس سرہ
Chak no. 342 G.B, Chuharwala, Near PeerMahal, Pakistan


(19) Hazrat Maulana Qamar-ud-din Ferozpuri قدس سرہ
Graveyard 342G/B, Chuharwala

(20) Hazrat Maulana Abdul Azeez raipuri قدس سرہ

(21) Hazrat Maulana peer je Abdul Lateef raipuri قدس سرہ
Chak no.11/L, Chichawatni, Pakistan

(22) Hazrat Mulana Muhammad Abdullah Dhramkoti قدس سرہ
 Graveyard Chak no.26,Aadhikot road,Joharabad, Pakistan

Jamia mosque RAHIMI, chak 26

(23) Hazrat Mulana Seyad Ata-ul-laah Shah Bukhari قدس سرہ
(24) Hazrat Mulana AbuZar Seyad Ata-ul-Munam Bukhari قدس سرہ
Bhakri graveyard, near kalma chowk, Multan, Pakistan

(25) Hazrat Mulana Seyad Abu-ul-hasan Ali Nadvi قدس سرہ
Roza hazrat syed Shah Alam-Allah, Takia Rai Barayle, India 
(grave at bottom right) 
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  1. ALHAMDULLILAH RECENTLY I HAVE VISITED RAIPUR KHANKAH, RAIPUR SAHARANPUR INDIA,WE MET HZ. MUFTI ABDUL QAYYUM SB (DAMATBARAKATUHU)THE KHALIFA & JANASHEEN OF HZ SHAH ABDUL QADIR RAIPURI (RA).the khankah is really full of peace, people visited here from all over world, stayed here and joins zikr majlis twice daily and gain profit for their souls.

  2. i have some pictures of raipur khankah, i want to post this blog how? pls comments

  3. Assalam u alaikum wa rahmatuAllah!
    feeling great to read ur comment.i also want to know about Hz. mufti sahib and also about Hz.Hakim Mukaram hussain.please share information about them. u can post pictures at my email mentioned above.and whenever u visit Raipur pay my regards and salam.Jazak-Alllah.

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  5. Is anyone knows about Hazrat Molana Abdul Rahman Raipuri?

  6. Assalamoalekum,

    I have visited Raipur Khankah again on 10th june 2012,
    Mufti Abdul qayyoom sab health is good. few month ago he was not sitting well.
    this time i have taken Bait from him. Hazrat is in the state of fanafilllah.
    i wish for his long life.

  7. Asslamoalauqum,
    lahore me app ka koi khalifa hayat he bhai jaan

    1. Yes Hazrat Mufti saeed hassan dehlvi sahib
      Khalifa of Hazrat jameel sahib
      Khanqah jamelia RAIWIND
      Close to markaz near madni khusbo house

    2. Yes Hazrat Mufti saeed hassan dehlvi sahib
      Khalifa of Hazrat jameel sahib
      Khanqah jamelia RAIWIND
      Close to markaz near madni khusbo house