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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Handwriting(Letters) of Hazrat Raipuri قدس سرہ


  1. DEAR ALL,
    AS I Saw the letter of Sister BINTE MUZAFAR’ it is really amaizing for me that Hazrat Abdul Jalil (Nawarul ho Marqadha) has appointed Qari Muzaffar as the JANISHIN & KHALIFA of him. First of all, Qari Muzafar sb. is the” SON IN LAW” of hazrat Abdul Jalil but not a “SON”. Actually Qari Ahmad Saeed is the SON of Hazrat Abdul Jalilنوّر اللہ مرقدہ. Secondly, in raipuri silsala, a JANASHEEN has never been appointed , as our Hazrat Abdul Jalilنوّر اللہ مرقدہ has did the same practice.But, as i oftenly visited Dhudian Sharif and saw Qari Saeed sb.son of Hazrat Abdul Jalilنوّر اللہ مرقدہ was working and distributing the Tawizat to Muridain, instead of his father. Qari Muzafar is only the janasheen of his father Maulana Abdul Wheedنوّر اللہ مرقدہ, who was also a grest Wali.Pls. sister do not try to teach the people towards your father, as ALLAH can move the people’s hearts to the right way
    HAZRAT MAULANA ABDUL JALILنوّر اللہ مرقدہhas appointed nine persons as his Khulfas. Hazrat Qari Muzaffar sb. is one of them. But, this is reality that Hazrat Shaykhنوّر اللہ مرقدہ has not appointed anyone as his Janasheen.Pls. Pls. don’t divide Raipuri’ in to groups. As ALLAH can move the hearts of people to the right way & to the right person. ALLAH hum sub ko Hadayat day aur silsala ki taleemat par amal karnay ki Taufeeq day. Aameen

  2. jalali brother ,why u feel so bad on comment of u urself admit that qari muazaffar sb is one of the khulfa then wats wrong if i said qari muzaffar sb is khalifa of hazrat abdul Jalil raipori.qari muzaffar sb is not only the son in law rather he is also nephew of hazrat Abdul jalil raipori. hazrat called him his son and ameer and for your kind information hazrat asked him in front of lots of ppl that qari muzaffar will lead my jannazah after my death and he is my ameer. so wats the problm u r having wid him?. i did not say anything against any one or in favour of my father rather i only clear about shah saeed ahmed sb that he is not khalifa of hazrat raipori . silsila raipori is not belongs to referring ppl toward any one or against anyone. I do not hav ths type of mentality that my family educate me, my father or my grand father they never teach us that this silsila is our inheritance rather they always said its our responsbilty to b honest wd our job that Allah Almighty has givn is it bother wether khalifa is real son or called son? why u r so hyper in ths case? n keep one thng in ur mind shah saeed ahmed sb and qari saeed ahmed sb are two diffrent not think that i talked abt qari saeed ahmed sb who is as respectable for me as my father. go to dictionary and search the meaning of khalifa and jansheen.i did not use the word jaansheen .plz do not make any conclusion before havng enough knowledge.qari muazffar sb is son of hazrat abdul jalil raipori .hope now u feel better if still not May Allah bless u and us toward right path.
    Jazakillah kahir

  3. السلام علیکم sufisim is based on respect(adab) and love(muhabbat),so please!please! don't make this matter a dispute.try ur best to serve and spread the teachings of our silsila.Any silsila is the inheritance of no one yet its our responsbilty to be honest and have respect to all Khulfaa belonging to silsila and act upon the treachings with ikhlaas.leave this matter to ALLAH subhanhu wa ta'la.i hope u both understand my request.

  4. yes brother you hav rightly said.infact i my self was feeling really bad that wether i hav said something wrong that make brother jalali harsh.because spirtuality or nisbat wd Allah has nothng to do wd blood relations or else.its all about respect of every one no matter wat they belongs to anywhere.i only answered him so that he may not mispercieve my i have justify myself now there is no need to make dialogue on ths issue anymore.May Allah keep all of us on right track.
    Jazakillah khair

  5. Brother i am from Pakistan Islamabad I want to know About Shah Saeed Ahmed Raipuri (Lahore)jo galban shah Abdul Qader raipuri Ke baty ya potay han

  6. Blog on Majli e Hazrat Raipuri: dedicatied to Hazrat Shah Abdul-Qader Raipuri Quddisa sirruhoo.
    Reply to sister Binte daughter of late Molana Abdul-Jalil of Dhuddian
    Dear sister Binte and Jalili Brother(s), aoa. Khanqah Gulzar e Rahimi was established by Hazrat - Aali Shah Abdur-Rahim Raipuri (R.A.) in the 19th Century. In 1919, on his 'Intiqaal' Hazrat Raipuri-II, Shah Abdul-Qader succeeded him as his Ja-Nasheen. He was a great saint and his 'Faiz' spread through the length and breadth of the sub-continent. Sahibzadah Hazrat Muhammad Husain Tamimi of Lillah Sharif has authored a biography of Hazrat Raipuri-II with the list of Khulafa of Hazrat Abdul Qader. Hazrat Shah Saeed Ahmad Raipuri's name is available in list. He is the son and Ja-Nasheen of Hazrat Rapuri-III, Shah (Hafiz) Abdul-Aziz Raipuri who was the Ja-Nasheen of Hazrat Shah Abdul-Qader Raipuri (for details plz see the Sawanih Hazrat Abdul-Qader Raipuri by Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi. Hazrat Shah Saeed Ahmaed Raipuri is a direct great grandson of the founder saint, Hazrat Shah Abd-er-Rahim Raipuri (Quddisa Sirruhoo). To further straighten the record, it may please be noted that just at the age of 5 years (Hazrat Shah) Saeed Ahmad was taken to Khanqah By Hazrat Shah Abdul Qader who as a true mentor, brought him up with full attention and 'Faiz', made all arrangements for his education at every level and bestowed upon him 'Khilafat' after completion of his curicular n spiritual learnings and training.
    No doubt, (the late) Hazrat Molana Abdul Jalil was a nephew of Hazrat Abdul-Qader, but there is no logic or evidence of his being Ja-Nasheen of his grand uncle. The 'Aap Beeti' of Hazrat Shaikh-ul-Hadith Muhammad Zakariyya (r.a.) and various other books like 'Suhbat e Ba Auliya', 'Maktoobat' & etc. give all relevant details about the event of Ja-Nasheeni of Hzrat Raipuri-II. Hazrat Shah Abdul-Aziz never apointed either of the two (Molana Abdul-Waheed of Jhawerian and Molana Abdul-Jalil of Dhuddian shrif) nephews of Hazrat Abdul Qader (r.a.) as his successor/ Ja-Nasheen. Beyond any doubt, Hazrat Shah Saeed Ahmad Raipuri and none else is the sitting Masnad-Nasheen of Khanqah Rahimia Raipur. The sons and sons-in-law as well as nephews may claim a right to be accepted as the 'Khulafa' of their (late) respected fathers, fathers-in-law, or uncles who, themselves, were nephews but not Ja-Nasheen of Hazrat Shah Abdul-Qader Raipuri (r.a.); may Allah bless all above elders and late Saints mentioned above...we respect them all ; may Allah guide us to see and accept the facts as they are! Ameen!

    1. May Allah bless u sir with good health and long life amin.

  7. Patron in chief of Rahimia Institute leaves this world for his eternal abode
    Wednesday, September 26, 2012
    Spiritual heir of Khanquah-e-Rahimia Raipur, India and a contemporary authority of Shah Waliullah’s thought, Shah Saeed Ahmed Raipuri left this world for his eternal abode on September 26, 2012.

    He was among prominent disciples of Maulana Shah Ilyas Dehalvi, founder of Tableeghi Jama’at and Shaikh-ul-Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakariya. Rising above practical politics, on the basis of the thought of Shah Waliullah, Maulana Mahmood Hassan, Shah Abdul Qadir Raipuri, Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi and Maulana Hussain Ahmed Madni, he established JTI in 1967, Tanzeem Fikr-e-Waliullahi in 1987 and Rahimia Institute of Quranic Science in 2000 with which thousands of youth are now associated. These youngsters learn about Islam by rising above extremism and sectarianism.

    The funeral prayers of Hazrat-e-Aqdas will be offered at 2:30 pm on September 27, 2012 in Lahore

  8. AoA, can we live broadcast Hazrat g (Molana Muzaffar Raipuri r.a) lecture/khutbaat or their recorded lectures, i can help with it if some one is willing to do it at Dhudian Shareef.